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"Rudy’s is what all good pizza should taste like. I miss it so much, I’ve contemplated moving back to KS just to get some of that goodness.

I was seriously down to my last dollar one day, and had to decide between paying my rent on time, and getting a slice at Rudy’s. I chose the latter, and I don’t regret it at all."

-- Shannon C.

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  • Almost the weekend dealio yo- get a 16" large 2 top pie w 2 16oz drinks or trade drinks for 3rd top for $13.49. Get it delivered for free!,
  • RT : Waiting for my dank pie, listening to John Mayer's "Daughters" and the trickle of the koi pond at . Could life get any better?,

What's New?

Our wings just got way better. Impossible, you say. To which we reply, “Hello tongue, taste hardwood-smoked impossible!”

Gluten-free crusts!! You’re kidding? No we aren’t. Comes in one size (10″) and costs only $2 extra. Yummy!!

Also, wait for it… “Superfood” Kale! Oh, yeah. Your body will thank you.

And, don’t forget, if you can’t tolerate the lactose, we have a delicious Vegan Cheese.

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